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Promo-poster of Born This Way in NYC.


Promo-poster of Born This Way in NYC.

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when i grow up, i’m going to have a house

and in that house, will be a room

and that room will be full of tables

and when shit happens on tv

i will go into that room

and i will flip them all

i will flip all the tables

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im so scared

literally me all day

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  • AP student: I'm in so many AP classes
  • AP student: they're advanced placement
  • AP student: that's what "AP" means
  • AP student: so that means I'm really smart
  • AP student: AP courses are college-level courses
  • AP student: I was in my AP classroom with my AP classmates today
  • AP student: because AP

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When you go to a friend’s house to stay the night and get stuck with the scratchy blanket.


You know the one.

It’s made of wool.

It has satiny trim that tries to deceive you into thinking this will be a nice blanket experience.

But it’s not.

Every house has one. 

It’s buried deep in the bowels of the linen closet, under some afghans and a comforter with the down coming out of it, but make no mistake.

The scratchy blanket is there. 

And it waits

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